Can a tenant buy my house? Great question!   Perhaps your tenants have expressed a desire to purchase your house and get on the property ladder, or maybe you are planning to offer the opportunity to them as you want to move your focus elsewher... read more »
Conservatories can have their downsides, but they also have many benefits. Even though these home extensions have been around for centuries, they are still considered a modern-day renovation for many homeowners.   In this article, we’ll ... read more »
Renting is definitely having its moment, with the number of households living in the private rented sector of Harrogate continually increasing.   In fact, an estimated one-fifth of the UK population now live in rented accommodation.   S... read more »
If there was ever a good time of year to freshen up and update your home in Harrogate it would be springtime. After a long and cold winter, the sun is finally starting to shine, the flowers are flourishing, and you no longer have to wear three layers... read more »
Keen to sell your home in Harrogate as quickly as possible? Worried that your Harrogate property is still on the market?    Although finding the right estate agent is a crucial part of getting your property sold, there are a few things yo... read more »
It’s no secret that as a landlord, buying a property to rent out in Harrogate (otherwise known as ‘buy to let’) can be a lucrative and attractive strategy. Property prices have historically always grown and this shows no signs of ch... read more »
Let's face it, nobody wants a romantic meal for two punctuated with the sound of a dripping tap as background music or retiring to the bedroom only to be met with piles of laundry and lighting that is far from atmospheric! There’s still time to... read more »
Moving house can be very exciting! As you look to new horizons, you and your family can put down roots in Harrogate and share new experiences. Imagine the thrill of exploring new places surrounding Harrogate. Think of the sense of achievement... read more »
Knowing how to decorate your rental home can be very difficult to gauge. After all, each landlord has their own rules on what you can and can't do, and you're never quite sure whether a new paint job will make them jump with joy or tear up your tenan... read more »
Should I opt for carpet or laminate flooring in the bedroom?   It is a question that homeowners across the Harrogate District ask themselves every single day. While both laminate and carpet flooring bring with them their own pros and cons, it ... read more »
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