Buying a Brand New home? Beware




You've always dreamed of a brand new home, you've been and looked at that beautiful show home looking wonderful and the excitement builds. You work out your finances and you can afford it and you decide to go ahead either by selling your own or part exchanging it.


The day comes and you move in, so exciting. A few days later your heart is sinking as the list of faults grows and grows. I recently read an article where a couple had over 200 issues with there brand new home.


I have just learned of a firm who can help you to make sure your dream and excitement stays with you. Check out who are specialists in checking your new home before you move in. Here's a list of some of the things they can check for:-


  • plaster and paintwork‚Äč
  • soil quality test
  • birds-eye camera inspection of roof and guttering
  • garage and groundwork
  • loft inspection
  • electrical test on sockets
  • plumbing tests to inspect for leaks
  • Co (Carbon Monoxide) safety test
  • heating system check using a thermal camera
  • level flooring, square walls and flat ceiling inspection
  • Brickwork and fenestration 
  • Joinery 
  • fire safety measures
  • thermal camera heat loss / draught test  - optional
  • borescope camera check on cavity insulation - optional
  • room measurements (windows & walls) - optional



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