Getting Your House Ready For Sale


If you’re planning to sell your home anytime shortly, now is the time to start getting ready. Selling
your home is a big decision and the actual process can be quite stressful. The key to avoiding stress
is to be as organised as possible and choose the right estate agent to help you with your house sale
journey. We’ve put together some hints and tips for you, to help the getting organised part be as
easy as possible.

Start Early
When it comes to getting ready to sell, you really can’t get started too early. We generally all have
much more stuff than we realise, so getting organised takes longer than we estimate. Even if you
think your house going on the market is a few months away, there is no harm in getting organised
Making lists is a great place to start. Think about what needs doing in each room and start with
listing down these tasks. If you want to be super organised you can even start a list of what you
might need to do once the home move is ready to take place – book a home removal company and
organise all of your utilities for example.

Consider that everything in your home, you’ll need to move to your new property when the time
comes – so how much of it do you really need? Having a de-clutter of your stuff and getting things
organised is a great step. You might even find you have some unwanted items you can sell on eBay
or Facebook Marketplace, which will help raise funds for your home move!
Of course, you should also consider that at some stage your estate agent will be coming to take
photos to display online to sell your property. Following this, potential buyers will possibly be around
soon to view your home. You want to showcase your home in the best possible way and having it
clutter-free will definitely help with this.

Although a full house redecorate may not be needed, do give thought to the rooms that might
benefit from a fresh coat of paint. If you do decide to redecorate any rooms we’d recommend you
stick to neutral colours where possible. Even just giving paintwork a fresh coat of white paint can
really change the look of a room and is well worth doing.

Don’t Forget The Outside
When you are considering how to get your house ready for sale, don’t forget the outside! Since
lockdown at the start of this year, the importance of gardens and outdoor space within new homes
is more important than ever. People want to know that they’ll have access to some sort of outdoor
space should we find movement is restricted again. Whatever type of outdoor space you have,
spend time tidying it up, repainting fences or cleaning paving because it is important it looks its best!
If you would like advice on selling your home or you’d like to know the next steps for selling your
property with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
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