Covid Restrictions - You can still move



The new Government restrictions locking us down for at least a month do not apply to the housing market. You may still view houses with restrictions and continue with any sale, purchase or rental move.


Most of the properties we have for sale we have a video viewing of, having watched that, if you are still interested, we are allowed to show you around the property. You must wear a mask and avoid touching anything and the viewing should not exceed 15 minutes.


As a Vendor you must leave the premises whilst we do the viewing and we will be wearing a mask and gloves to protect you, we will also make sure that any viewers wear a mask and do not touch anything. We will have gloves on and will open any doors or put lights on wearing those. Vendors should not be in the house whilst a viewing takes place.


We will do everything we can to protect viewers, vendors, landlords and our staff so rest assured you will as safe as "houses"


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